Privacy Policy ("Privacy")

We don't collect or store any personal data. Like. Literally. Nothing.

I've had a long thought about privacy on this blog. I wanted to initially setup Google Analytics and Disqus but since this is a blog made to share information with no strings attached, why should I?

Even if one person in the whole Internet reads one of my posts and benefits from it then I am happy so there is no need to track who is on my blog and what they do.

When I personally visit a website, I feel that my entire life's history and all my activities are being recorded throughout the whole browsing experience and in a way I feel like I am sacrificing something (even if minuscule) in exchange for accessing that website. You know what? I'm tired of that. And you should be too. Everyone on the Internet should be getting sick of this.

I have taken some extreme measures to ensure your privacy is protected on this blog.

unset req.http.cookie;
Sub vcl_recv segment in default.vcl
  logging__path: "/dev/null"
  logging__level: "error"
  logging__transports: "[\"file\"]"
Ghost container environmental variables

I would NOT recommend for you to go as far as I did for the sake of privacy. Logs are important, they tell you who did what and at what time. Preservation and protection of that data is vital in security operations, regulatory compliance, and disaster recovery.

Authentication logs can reveal if a user account is compromised, private keys are stolen, or an ACL is mis-configured. Access logs can show payloads or brute force attempts. Errors logs can assist with fixing or troubleshooting problems.

If a domain controller fails in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?