Why make this blog?


I've learned many things over the years during my pursuit of knowledge. Sometimes I could find what I was looking for in a stackoverflow thread or a github issues page or on someone else's blog or website. Without their help I would have spent much more time getting stuff done. Inspired by this, I want to give back to the industry and community.


Sometimes just because something works doesn't mean it's working securely. I can glue some paper together and put it in the door frame and call it a door but it doesn't mean that will do a good job keeping someone out. I can share what I've learned about making sure that door and door frame stay put.


That same door may wither quickly against the environment even if no one breaks in. Most of the information I talk about (unless it's edge technology) will be stable, reliable, and repeatable. The only exceptions are breaking changes that might happen in the applications that would make old information obsolete.


I am constantly learning. I can retain knowledge better if I talk about it with others, especially if that information can be applied practically. I also learn from you. I am as flawed as anyone else so if you notice something incorrect let me know so I can improve. You may also know of a more effective method to get the same results.


I love automation because if its done right we can save a lot of time and scale workloads without worrying about manual labor. The more manual labor is involved the higher chance for human error. I enjoy helping others save time with my scripts or methodologies.


I love to write and architect new things. I'm not a web front end developer but every time I change one style sheet variable I can feel a spark of joy. I love anything related to computers and even more if its related to security. I've been searching for knowledge on computers that I could find as early as when I was seven years of age. It brings me great happiness to know that I am not alone in my passion of knowledge. Technology is growing very fast and I can't wait to see what the future holds.